Desiree Reppert is a 33-year-old freelance graphic designer and stay-at-home mom. She graduated from Lehigh Valley College in 2004 with a GPA 3.97, high honors and a degree in Graphic Design.

Desiree has worked in the sign and graphics industry for over 16 years in the Lehigh Valley and decided to branch out on her own three years ago. When Desiree is not behind the computer screen, she is spending time with her two children and loving husband, whether it be camping, hunting, fishing or gardening. Desiree decided to get involved with the Women’s 5K Classic last year (2014) when her grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer just weeks before her wedding. Desiree signed up for the 5K and dedicated the walk to her grandmother.

“This event inspired me, to stand in the crowd surrounded by all the women, fighters and survivors was truly an honor. The love felt throughout the park was overwhelming and touched me deep inside. My grandmother fought hard throughout the winter, enduring chemo which really took it’s toll on her. I am happy to say, that as of right now, she is considered cancer free and in the last few days of radiation. Being at high risk myself, I decided to be proactive to get my health on track, and to continue to get regular checkups, and to enjoy life to the fullest! We all are soldiers, fighting and coming together to beat cancer!”