We are always happy to hear from participants, sponsors, survivors and others with interest in the event. We’ve made it easier for you to direct your question or comment to the person who coordinates the specific area(s) of the event. If you have a story about the Women’s 5K Classic, your own cancer survival, a tribute to a friend or family member we’d like to hear from you as well.


Sally Corvino
8-5 Monday-Friday

Awards: Loretta Dodson
General Information: Ingrid Gerber
Grants: Sara Glassman
Health Expo: Rosie Hulbert
Registration: Annmarie Werley
Shared Stories: Ingrid Gerber
Sponsorship: Wendy Body
Tribute Markers: Michelle Sames
Volunteers: Sue Connolly
Website: Annmarie Werley
Survivors/Raffle: Laurie Flynn