Women’s 5K Classic Cancer Survivor Program to enhance and expand support from diagnosis through a lifetime follow up.

Provide funding for Real-time Digital Microscopic Imaging System to allow physicians to consult with experts around the country on difficult breast cancer cases in minutes.

Breast cancer immunology study.

Funding for publication of a Breast Cancer Education Guide for newly diagnosed women.

Navigator probe used to perform lymph node biopsies at St. Luke’s Hospital.

Cost of mammograms for uninsured women, community outreach literature, radiological fees.

Additional funding for the purchase of lymphedema garments.

Meals for Breast Cancer patients.

Help develop and support a Breast Cancer Awareness Program.

Breast cancer education programs for minority women including education in Spanish and Arabic.

Community Wide Breast Cancer Networking Support Group.

Endowment Fund established in 1999.

Grant to provide emergency one-time prescription assistance for working people without health benefits.

Fund Girls on the Run Program to educate and prepare young girls to develop self respect and healthy living.

Fund development and delivery of “Better Start Early” breast cancer education program for 9th – 12th grade young women to be presented in high schools.

Funding for wigs, turbans, and prosthetic bras.

Help prepare patients with an individual active program through exercise, aquatic programs, stress reduction and socialization.