THANKS TO YOU – sponsors, participants and volunteers, the Women’s 5K Classic has distributed a total of $2,302,694 since 1993. The 2013 21st Year event distributed $204,500 to worthy programs in the Greater Lehigh Valley. Over 6500 females benefitted from these grants. The following programs were funded:

Comprehensive Breast and Gynecological Cancer Support Programs which involve support groups, fitness classes and stress reduction workshops.

Compression garments for women with cancer related lymphedema.

Women’s Cancer Education, Outreach, Screening and Digital Mammography/Diagnostic Ultrasound Project for low or uninsured women.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Screenings for low income women in the Lehigh Valley.

Post-Mastectomy Supplies for newly diagnosed women or long term survivors where insurance does not cover these bras and prosthesis.

Better Start Early New Curriculum to be taught in all area high schools to girls about the importance of self-examinations as well as signs, symptoms and risk factors associated with other female cancers such as ovarian and cervical.

A community outreach program in several languages focusing on education and preventive services for breast, cervical and ovarian cancers and support and further testing for women who have a cancer diagnosis.

Social work fund to help with transportation, co-pay for prescriptions and other non- covered expenses for women with cancer.

An education/running program for girls in grades 3-8 that combines training for a non-competitive 5K event with workouts that encourage positive emotional, social, mental and physical development while building self-esteem.